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The Events of January 6th

(Rebecca Zellar wrote the following on our facebook page last week.) Mosaic Players stands for human rights, social justice, and is anti-racist.

The traitorous and seditious actions displayed on January 6th by people who claim to be patriotic in the Capitol building is unacceptable. The desecration displayed was despicable. The obvious white supremacy that the entire world witnessed will go down in infamy.

We continue our work of bringing art, education, and understanding to our communities and hope that our audiences will find a common ground. We must all do our parts in absorbing and acknowledging the history of our nation that brought us to this point because yesterday was shocking, but not surprising.

We are proud of our country and will do whatever we can to fight for and hold our Democracy dear.

The work must continue each and every day.

With love, Rebecca Zellar Artistic Director

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